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Web Development part two

web development

Web Development

We have already talked about web development – part one and especially about the use of CMS like WordPress. In the second part we will analyze the significance of a web page being as simple and as easy as possible. This will help not only the user of the web page but also the search engines. When we talk about easy and simple, we mean that the construction of the web site is not tiring for the user. It must not be overloaded with ads or links. It must have an easy management of its connections.

A penalty from Google

How many times have we connected to a web site full of confusing banners, flashing advertisements, pop-ups, and pages full of links. Google has started lately to filter these web sites and downgrade them or even remove them for its lists. These web sites demonstrate a bad “web development” with only goal to trick the user into clicking an advertisement link, so that the owner of the site makes some money.

Navigation and structure of a web site

One of the most important features of the function of a web site is its structured and easy navigation. The lack of an organized structure and visible navigational points creates a pile of problems for the users, that can get lost or not be able to get the information they wanted to get. The user should be able to recognize at any time where he is, how he got there, where he can go from there, and the available information in every level.

Many web sites when created make a poor use of the navigational means and do not have an organized structure of the information they provide. The lack of proper organization for the start can create many problems later in the normal development of a web site. There are three important rules about the structure of a web site: the first that it must have a structure, the second is that it must reflect the services and information it offers, and the third that it must reflect the needs of its users.


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