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E-Shops via WordPress and WooCommerce

E-Shops Woocommerce


The rapid development of the Internet and in the last decade has fundamentally influenced many aspects of contemporary life, from interpersonal and professional relationships to our everyday shopping (E-Shops). It is more than evident that the Internet has completely altered the way we act as consumers. According to the latest findings of Eurostat, over 80% of the Greek population (and even more in other European countries) have constant access to the Internet from their home, and the vast majority of them use it (among other things) in order to shop online.

As you probably have noticed yourself, there is a constantly growing number of E-Shops in Greece that allow customers to realize their purchases from the comfort of their home, at their own convenience and, moreover, regardless of their location. Furthermore, through websites like or, one can easily see products they’re interested in, compare prices and read reviews about them, that way greatly simplifying the process of buying.

The fact that transactions over the Internet are nowadays much safer than they used to be in the past has contributed greatly to the blossom of E-Shops; people have overcome their fear of online shopping and are much more likely to do so. Especially after the capital control restrictions that were put into force last year, payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards and PayPal have increased tremendously.

Research shows that online shopping has been steadily increasing its share in the last years and will continue to do so in the years to come, even in unexpected retail areas like clothing, footwear and cosmetics. It is certain though, that all of this could not have been feasible if it weren’t for the huge advance in technology.

WordPress & WooCommerce

One of the most typical examples of this advance is WooCommerce, a powerful tool (plugin) that can convert a plain website into a fully functional online shop. WooCommerce was launched in September 2011 and has since prevailed as the dominant platform of developing E-Shops with over 16 millions downloads worldwide, powering over 37% of all online stores. This plugin offers endless possibilities, allowing the user to customize their online store to their needs and preferences.

Our team has already created many successful online stores for our customers using the WooCommerce platform. Don’t stay behind! Contact us and together we’ll find the way to make your online presence stand out from the competition!


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