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search engine optimization greeceSEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Build your website around keywords which represent you. This way your website comes first in Google search when potential clients seek for your products or your service. The final goal is the top ranking of your website in search engine and the increasing visiting of internet users. The specialized knowledge of NETSTAR-GR Ltd provides you with the basic technique for the construction or the improvement of the content of your website so as to be friendly and interesting to the visitor, thus more accessible.

Social media

It is a fact that social media have invaded our life during the last years. Websites and social media depend on each other. Trust NETSTAR-GR Ltd for the selection of the appropriate social media for your website and the right link to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ , Linkedin. The combination of social media and the website will benefit your company because a vast percentage of potential clients is active in social media. It is important to create a group of people who are interested in your company so as to let them find out your news and enable them to chat and comment.

Web Development

NETSTAR-GR Ltd designs and constructs the website of your company with the use of advanced technology CMS (content management system) like WordPress. The construction of your website is the most significant part for its success. The goal of NETSTAR-GR Ltd is the construction of a simple, yet usable and user- friendly website. We guarantee compatibility with the most important browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer…)

E-Shop Development

Get your own e-shop through the know-how of NETSTAR-GR Ltd. We construct e-shops which function successfully thanks to their detailed construction. The e-shop contains Stock management and automatic updating of product availability and much more.

Responsive DesignMobile and tablet development

Google has launched a new algorithm especially constructed for mobile devices. It includes tablets, mini laptops, mobile phones and smartphones. Mobile devices have lower screen resolution than personal computers and laptops so there must be a special version of your website for these devices.

According to statistics, more and more users of the internet seek for websites through mobile devices. Mobile devices tend to replace personal computers and laptops. In conclusion, a mobile friendly website is important for your company. NETSTAR-GR Ltd undertakes the construction of your mobile SEO friendly website of your business.