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Myths about search engines (SEO in Greece)

Search engines

The latest years, a series of myths have come to light about the way that search engines work. In this post, we will explain the true story behind the myths.

The submission in search engines

In the late 1990’s, search engines had a type of “submission” as a sign up, so that a web site would appear in their lists. Shortly after the submission, a bot would trace those resources in their inventory. A simple SEO process!

Unfortunately, this process did not go that well, the submissions were often spam, so it was finally decided that the web pages would be traced only by the search engines. Since 2001, the submission existed but was kind of useless. The new way was to earn links from other web sites. This would include your content automatically in the search engines.

You can still find some submission forms (here is one for Bing), but these are just remnants of the past, and it is practically useless according to the modern SEO practices. If you happen to here from a so called SEO expert about “search engines submission”, stop walking and start running as fast as you can.

Meta Tags

Once upon a time, just like submission forms, the meta tags (especially, the meta keywords tag) were an important part of the SEO process. It included all the keywords contained in your web site. When a user would search for these keywords, your website could appear as a result. In the end this process was used as a spam method as well.

It is true that other tags, like the title tag and the meta tag description, are of high importance for the SEO practices. Moreover, the meta robots tag is an important tool to control the access though the spiders. However, SEO is much more than meta tags.

Keyword Stuffing – Density

You have seen for sure a web site that looked spammy. Maybe something like:

“Cheap plumper in Thessaloniki Kostas, is the best cheap plumper in Thessaloniki for all your needs your plumper. Contact your cheap plumper in Thessaloniki, before it is too late.”

It’s no surprise that the myth in SEO is all about the concept of keyword density, a mathematical formula that distinguishes the number of words in a page from the number of appearances of a specific keyword and is used by the search engines for relativity and ranking purposes.

Despite the fact that it has been proven wrong times and times again, this myth doesn’t seize to exist. Many SEO tools still feed on the concept that keyword density is an important measurement, it’s not. Ignore it and use clever keywords. The value of 10 extra keyword appearances in your page is much less than a good and quality link.


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  1. Kuldeep Rajbhar says:

    Today we can see seo is using everywhere.Day by day demand of seo high and high.This is very helpful for me to know the best seo tags.

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